Reid Firetrail 1.0 Gravel Bike Review

The Firetrail 1.0 stands out with its impressive spec and incredible value, making it the perfect choice if you're looking to get into gravel riding, cx racing, bikepacking, or just hacking the commute in style. We recently received an excellent Firetrail review from Kyle, a Sales Manager for OSCO, our main US distributor. 

If you're in the market for your first gravel bike, or even your next one, keep reading for an in-depth overview of the Firertrail 1.0. 

Recently I picked up the new Reid Firetrail 1.0 as a demo bike. I had an opportunity to take this on a ride and I am very impressed. US retail on this bike is $950, dealer cost is $570. It is an aluminium frame with a carbon fibre fork and steer tube. Disc Break and L-Twoo 2x9 drivetrain. I know there are a lot of people moving to 1x and this is in large part due to some manufacturers inability to make front shifters that works well. Out of the box the front shifter shifted easily between gears.

This is using one of the L-Two component groups. I have been trying for years to get my hands on some L-Two product and I am impressed. When I first sat on the bike I was surprised by the contour of the shifters. It felt very comfortable when I first sat on the bike. After about 5 miles I started to question the contour but after another mile or so I stopped noticing it all together. I think it was different enough from what I normally ride that after sitting my hands were unsure, but once I got used to them it was comfortable.

The shifting is very smooth. I have historically not liked STI leavers with thumb leavers. At first when I looked at this, I noticed a much larger paddle for the thumb leaver as opposed to the toothpick that I have seen from other brands. Also, the leaver is angled down so it is much more ergonomic. After riding on this I can say my opinion on thumb leavers has been modified. I dislike most other thumb leavers on the STI shifter, but I like these, they work well and are comfortable to use.

I am not often impressed with entry level bikes. This is an entry level gravel bike that I am absolutely impressed with. The ride quality was significantly better than I expected and the shifting was smother and crisper than I expected. I am used to riding on 105 and Ultegra. The shifting isn’t quite as nice but it is close. I have asked several other store owners to take this bike out and give me feedback. All of them have said they tend prefer 105 or Ultegra. However, after they have ridden they have all said they like the shifting and would ride a bike using this group set.

As more manufacturers choose to push prices higher, Reid continues to find ways to make nicer bikes but keep the price affordable.

The last big-brand gravel bike I rode was many years ago and I have not ridden either the Trek or Specialized, but looking at them I think the Reid is just as good if not better and less expensive. I am very excited to add this to the line of offerings we have from Reid. It definitely rounds out the line by being able to offer an entry level Gravel/road bike. 

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