New for Reid: a Showcase of Our New 2024 Bikes

Excitement is in the air as we announce the launch of our latest and greatest products for 2024! At Reid, we’ve been busy behind the scenes, developing a collection of new, innovative bikes to ensure that we deliver the absolute best value to all.

From eCargo, to high power eFat, to the opposite end of the scale; lightweight kids bikes and kids road bikes, we have not sat still. Our commitment to quality and innovation spans across every style of riding.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into an overview of our fresh arrivals. And trust us, you don’t want to miss this.


The KADe Fold is the latest model in our KADe Cargo line up. Foldability is the name of the game. The KADe’s design allows you to fold it up effortlessly, making it perfect for city living and tight spaces.

Powered by a 250W rear hub motor and 13Ah battery, you’ll have enough range to fit in all your daily needs without worry. The low step alloy frame allows for easy access, while the small 20×3.0” tyres allow for extra comfort and convenience. Finished with a large front cargo basket and built in alloy rear carrier, you’ll have enough space to carry groceries and more.

The KADe Fold fits into your life as easily as it does in your home.


Our new electric fat bikes are designed to take your off-road experience to a whole new level, as well as being the ultimate ride for fast, tough commuting. With powerful 750W motors and long-lasting batteries, you can climb higher and ride longer than ever before. The Trackers come finished with front and rear mudguards, a rear rack, and a kickstand.


The Tracker 1 is your adventure companion, built for taking you places you have never been before. Power and control are at the heart of everything the Tracker does. 4.0” wide tyres give you the grip you need on soft and rocky terrain transferring all the motor power where it’s needed. Combined with the suspension fork, they make for a super smooth and controlled ride. With Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano 8-speed rapid fire shifting, the Tracker 1 really is the complete adventure eBike for any terrain.

Charge it up and see the lengths it can take you!

3 1 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes


The Tracker 2 steps up the specification to be the ultimate off-road eBike that effortlessly tackles the toughest and roughest terrain. With a larger 16.75AH battery the power is always there. Giving you control is a combination of a torque sensing bottom bracket and thumb throttle. As well as this, the wide range Shimano 9-speed rapid fire shifting makes changing gears a breeze so you can keep your concentration on the trail. The Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes provide impressive stopping power with plenty of modulation, making tricky descents and technical sections feel relaxed. Plus, the wide 4.0” tyres and suspension provide a smooth ride, even on the bumpiest terrain.

4 2 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes



The Original MTB and Original MTB WSD are classically styled mountain bikes made for all round performance. They can effortlessly take you to work during the week and off-road at the weekends, so you’ll never want to put it away! Both come featuring 18-speed Shimano gears, Alloy V-brakes, sealed headset & bottom bracket. The Original MTB models are also built using modern standards such as ahead stem for improved control and serviceability, and double wall rims for strength.

A great spec at a great price point.

5 1 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes6 1 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes


Our brand new junior bikes are the perfect choice for young riders who are just starting to explore the world of road cycling. The Falco Jr range is packed with features from its big brother but tweaked to fit young guns.


The Falco JR 24” is designed specifically for junior riders to take to the roads with ease. Bar width and drop gives them the confidence to descend like a world tour rider and powerful dual pivot rim brakes make sure they rail those bends. When it comes to going back uphill the Shimano 16-speed Claris shifters give them all the range they need.

8 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes


The Falco JR 26” is also specifically designed with a junior specific finishing kit for young riders to smash the roads. Featuring powerful pivot rim brakes, Shimano 16-speed Claris shifters, and lightweight road specific wheels, an unforgettable adventure is always guaranteed. The bar width and drop give a confident, yet comfortable ride for juniors who want to take on the roads.

7 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes


The most premium kids bikes we have ever made, but at a fantastic price point. The Tract Jr bikes don’t just look impressive, they feel impressive on the tracks. Designed for kids who want to rock the neighbourhood or smash the trails, the Tract Jr really is just as great as the adult Tracts.


Built around a tough but lightweight 6061 alloy frame designed for increased step over clearance, the Tract Jr 20″ brings all the features of our Tract range to kids. Front 40mm suspension, double wall alloy rims and 2.35” tyres come as standard, paired with powerful cable disc brakes to keep it all under control. With Shimano 7-speed tourney gearing, taking on the trails will become a breeze.

9 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes


The Tract Jr 24” is similarly built around tough but lightweight 6061 alloy frame, bringing all the features of the adults bikes to a smaller size. It comes equipped with front 50mm suspension, double wall alloy rims and 2.35” tyres to keep the wheels in the groove. The powerful cable disc brakes will help keep your little ones in control on those tough trails. Finished with Shimano 7-speed tourney gearing, the Tract Jr is the perfect way for kids to explore the outdoors.

10 - Reid ® - New for Reid: A Showcase of our New 2024 Bikes
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