Guide to Cycling Off-road

Venture Beyond The Path!

Off-road cycling is a great way to go adventuring and explore new places beyond the road. Whether you’re riding through mud, along gravel terrain or on a Cyclocross course, riding off road is great fun and is also great for you, mentally and physically.

If you’ve never ventured off the paths before, we have a few tips to introduce you to the world of off-road cycling…

How Does Off Road Cycling Differ to Road Cycling?

Firstly, off-road cycling requires you to ride over different terrains, such as mud or gravel. This is completely different to the smooth surface of road cycling and will require a different bike.

Road bikes are ideal for riding long distances at high speeds, whereas off-road bikes are designed to be ridden off-road, over tricky terrain and are often not aimed at riding long distances and at high speeds.

Off-road cycling also requires a lot more physical strength than road cycling. Riding off-road gives you a total body work out and often is categorised as interval training. For example, you’ll be riding up hills and through mud which is great for your legs, but you constantly are needing to change your handling skills which is also a great arm workout.

What Bike Will I Need For Off-Roading?

Off-road bikes can include mountain bikes, fat bikes, cross bikes and gravel bikes. Here at Reid, we have a great range of off-road bikes which are perfect for tackling trails beyond the road!

If you’re looking to enter the world of Cyclocross, our CX is the perfect choice for you. The CX is built to withstand the demands of Cyclocross, with the knobbly tyres and the increased clearance between the tyres and frame.

Our range of ‘gravel-grinders’ are also great options for an off-road bike. For example, the Granite 1.0 is designed to tackle the dirtiest of conditions and features disc brakes which is helpful when tackling obstacles and riding over tricky terrain!




What Are The Benefits Of Off-Road Cycling?

Off-road cycling is a great way to exercise as it is a total body workout and really increases your strength and power. Off-road cycling will require you to work your upper body by withstanding bumpy terrain, lifting your front wheel over obstacles and using power when tackling a steep climb. The constant changing of direction means that you will have to shift your weight to balance which is a great workout. It is also a great leg workout as riding through mud and over other tricky terrains will require your legs to work extra hard!

Off-road cycling also really helps to increase your bike handling. Unlike road biking which is often very static, off-road cycling will require you to constantly change direction thus improving your bike handling. This is great as it will result in increasing your biking technique and lead to you becoming a more agile, faster all round rider!

Off-road cycling is also extremely beneficial mentally. It allows you to escape from ordinary life and explore nature, which can lead to you finding new places. Venturing out of your comfort zone and into something new is a great for the mind and you might just find a new hidden gem, right by where you live!

Off-Road Cycling Allows You To Explore New Places

Cycling off-road allows you a chance to explore places which you have never reached on a road bike. Whether it’s a mountain bike, gravel or cross bike, it will take you where you have never dared to ride down before.

Take some time to plot a route through woodland areas and let your bike do the rest. You might just discover a hidden gem, not too far from your doorstep.

Is Off-Road Cycling Fun?

Switching up your cycling routine is a great way to make riding fun. So, why not switch up the epic training ride along long, continuous roads and get out there and embrace getting filthy riding through mud, puddles and even snow!

Off-road cycling is perfect for those thrill seekers looking to add a bit more to their normal cycle routes… go out there and get muddy!


Travelling away from the comfort of riding on the road is a fun way to switch up how you cycle and is a great way to adventure to new places, just waiting to be explored. Jump on your bike, ride through some mud, explore the gravel paths and ride away from the roads!



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