An Overview of Reid’s Recent USA Trip

At Reid, we’ve always believed in the power of personal connections. It’s not just about selling bikes, scooters, and water sports; it’s about building lasting relationships with all our partners. That’s why we’re excited to share the highlights of our CEO Rob and Commercial Manager Jon’s recent trip to the United States, where they met with clients, visited retailers, and showcased our brand new 2024 bikes.

Continue reading for an overview of their trip and how you can maximise Reid’s ongoing support.


During their trip, both Rob and Jon parted ways to visit existing Reid retailers. Their goal was to deepen these relationships and gain insight into the US bike market. They also aimed to gain a deeper understanding of exactly what our retailers want, so we can align our support precisely with their needs. At Reid, we never underestimate the power of doing this face-to-face.

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A highlight of Jon’s trip was his visit to Crazy Lenny’s Bike Store, a Reid retailer in Madison, Wisconsin. Crazy Lenny’s Electric Bikes is the largest single-location eBike store in the USA. They carry over 30 brands and more than 100 models of eBikes, which was awesome to see in person. With plenty of Reid models on the shop floor ready to go, it was rewarding for Jon to see Reid’s success first hand. On top of this, Reid eBikes were Crazy Lenny’s go-to bikes for a lightweight, traditionally styled ride!

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Rob and Jon also dedicated time to our main US distributor, OSCO. This gave them an opportunity to introduce and receive valuable feedback on our upcoming 2024 range. In a collaborative effort, OSCO representatives offered insights that helped us make final adjustments to colours and products.


Our relationship with our clients is at the heart of our success. We aim to nurture these partnerships, ensuring mutual growth and prosperity. We offer support and resources to our dealers, enabling them to better serve their customers. Our close involvement with clients not only strengthens our distributor network but also helps us work towards our mission of making cycling accessible for all.

If you have any questions or are eager to learn more about the support we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always excited to discuss how Reid can enhance cycling in your region.

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