Accessories That Every Electric Scooter Rider Needs

Accessories For eScooters

Riding an electric scooter is so much fun and is an enjoyable and environmentally- friendly way to commute and just like bikes, there are a few accessories that we’ve found which you can add to your eScooter.

We’ve come up with a few of our favourite eScooter accessories below, for every electric scooter rider’s needs.

Safety Accessories For Your eScooter 

Safety is always the number one priority with riding any form of transport and this is no exception with electric scooters. Just like riding a bike, a helmet is an essential part of safety equipment and it is important for even the most experienced eScooter riders to wear one.

It is also a good idea to invest in some more safety accessories such as a high visibility jacket, especially if you are commuting to and from work in the dark mornings and evenings. This ensures that you are seen to everyone!

You could also invest in some knee and elbow pads, especially for beginners, to ensure the highest safety when riding your electric scooter.

Gloves – To Protect Your Hands!

If you haven’t done so already, investing in a good pair of riding gloves can make a huge difference to your comfort whilst scootering, especially in the winter. Scooting in the winter weather can be harsh on your hands, so by having a good, warm pair of riding gloves, your hands will be protected from the cold. Not only this, but it can increase the comfort of the ride by making the already comfy E4 or E4 Plus handlebars, even comfier!

Phone Holder For Your eScooter

A phone holder for your electric scooter is a handy accessory for any scooter rider. Not only does it give your phone a place to sit whilst you’re riding along, it can also display our Reid eMobility app whilst riding.

Our Reid eMobility app is great for showing your speed and distance and with a phone holder, you can display this information whilst riding! You could also use the phone holder as a way to show your GPS directions which is extremely useful and allows you to continue scooting and finding new routes, without getting lost!

If you own an E4 or E4 Plus and haven’t done so already, you can download the Reid eMobility app for your E4 and E4 Plus from the App store or Google play.

Keeping Your eScooter Clean

Keeping your eScooter clean is important to keeping it well maintained, therefore, investing in some good eScooter cleaning products is a good idea. Riding your eScooter regularly, especially in the winter months, can cause mud and dirt to collect so by giving it a regular, proper clean, it will prevent the dirt from building up.

We recommend microfiber cloths, paintbrushes, toothbrushes and bike wash (suitable for eScooters) for the best way to keep your eScooter clean.

If you want to know the best way to keep your electric scooter maintained, click here to read our blog on it!

Keep Your eScooter Locked Up! 

The E4 and E4 Plus both come with a safe and easy folding mechanism which makes it possible to take your eScooter with you, wherever you go! However, we understand that this is not always possible, so, if you need to keep your eScooter outside, investing in a lock is a good idea.


If you love riding your electric scooter then why not add some of these useful accessories to your eScooter? It may be worth the investment and make your scooting experience on the E4 or E4 Plus even more enjoyable and confidence-inspiring (if that is possible!).

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